Thursday, 23 July 2009

PHD Virtual ESXpress 3.6 - New Release

PHD have just announced support for vSphere in ESXpress 3.6 for the full detail on the product visit

PHD Virtual have been a market leader within the virtualised backup industry since the ESX 2.x days, they are one of "the" original Virtualisation backup vendors who noticed a gap that needed to be bridged to be able to successfully back up VM's without sacrificing ESX host and VM resources to backup agents/frameworks;

The latest version of 3.6 includes the following features;
In brief ESXpress by design is different to most other virtualisation backup products in that it doesn't use the Vmware VCB Framework, it utilises a Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) on your ESX host to backup VM's located upon that Host. It also has some exceptionally clever deduplication algorithms which also separates's it from competitors by deduplicating the complete

Installation and configuration of critical backup jobs is a breeze, this is certainly obvious when looking at how to install it is exceptionally easy as this video shows . I will certainly be installing and evaluating the new release at some point from the PHD Virtual website and I highly recommend you have a look yourself, when i've had a chance to look at the new release I will hope to post some reviews.

Does the Quantum OEM version of esXpress contain the same functionality as the PHD Virtual version?

I'm wondering if functions that are also provided by Quantum's DXi hardware have been removed from the Quantum esXpress (e.g., Deduplication).

One other question... does PHD Virtual block level deduplication use fixed or virtual length segmentation?

You can get full details of the features included in the Quantum version of esXpress here:

PHD Virtual's esXpress uses fixed length segmentation for it's block level deduplication.

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