Wednesday, 24 March 2010

VMlover is moving...

Hi all, I am currently in process of migrating this blog to Wordpress and on a private host....

Apologies for any transition delays in the process, I am hoping the move to Wordpress will give you the reader an all round better experience.

Hopefully the domain will transfer in the next 24/48 hours/years

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Life on the other side

Ex-CEO of SUN Microsystems just started his blog with a bang....

A good read and i'm hoping a book will appear soon...

Monday, 8 March 2010

Now for something Cloud related...

This post is short and sweet....

After a week of more Cloud news it strikes me that Cloud is the new Black. In the industry we have big large software corporations who have made their owners and shareholders extremely rich with 20-30 years of business strategy that was a million miles away from Cloud with Client-Server models, most of which are all now pushing the future of their business strategy on the Cloud model.

This has started to sum one thing up for me....mainly around the fact I think
ISV's want to host services in the Cloud to ensure they do what humans do and learn from there mistakes, with these key feats of history never beckoning their door again by
So there you go...i've made some predictions, fail they may but I am more than sure people will start to realise this indirectly in some shape or form.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Home NAS - Iomega IX4-200d

I had the great pleasure of getting my hands on a Storcenter IX4-200d monster NAS box and and I can safely say it has been a massive and beneficial peice of kit for use with my day to day home storage needs. Here is my review and feedback to what I think is a great product for the home and anyone wanting to do some good home lab testing.

Previously I ran VM's from a USB Drive with WS7, with about 3 Individual SATA disks homed in my local PC for other storage such as iTunes, MP3, Movies and Pics etc. This worried me, it wasn't raided, it certainly was starting to run low on free space and there is so long you can take running ESX in a VM on WS7. So I was looking around for a NAS solution which would be cost effective, fitted the bill functionality wise and provided good all round storage space. Originally i'd dabbled at the lower end models of the IX2-200d and thought maybe it would suffice, after a think about it something said to me though that an investment in a 1TB (With RAID of course) NAS would suffice on first 6-12 months but over time as my lab grow would probably end up with me wanting more space at some point so I felt the IX4-200d was yes intially oversized at 4TB (2.7TB Usable with RAID 5) but I know it will keep me more than satisfied for future storage needs.

Key selling points and benefits I've found for the IX4-200d are as follows;
As said I use this at Home for my home lab, in this lab I have recently purchased a HP ML110 for lab testing and this works very well with the IX4-200d. Coupled with good vSphere kit the IX is a great piece of kit for consolidating out both you home media storage needs and Home Lab needs onto one easy to use and manage NAS, it has Block and File level storage capability which is great for playing with both versions of storage protocol and overall when used with 1GB networking is better than any extremely beefed up PC with Workstation 7. Overall I am very pleased, I am an Nandy pandy hands off Architect in my day job but using this provides me with all the needs that I would typically get when both using vSphere day to day or within a lab environment back in the office.

Product feedback requests

Now for the bad bit....what the IX4-200D doesn't do for me;
Great resources for IX4-200d

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