Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Application efficiency in the Cloud

As an afterthought after visiting a few recent Cloud Camp's and after talking to some very bleeding edge and clever individuals who develop applications and object based storage for the cloud I felt compelled to blog about my thoughts on this subject.

It appears that the mainstream adoption of Public cloud is starting tochange the mindset on how developers write code for web based applications, certain disciplines in the dev world are really are changing how they architect applications, additionally another news item that maybe concludes my thought is Facebook recently releasing detail on new PHP code that they claim reduces 50% CPU Overhead over legacy code.

This is great news, developers whom are building applications using compute within the abstraction layer of the Cloud seem to be now moving away from designing and developing lazy code that used to be unoptimised and hog as much Infrastructure resources as it could take, didn't scale horizontally as it needed to use hardware which scaled up (such as good old Mainframe) and additionally was heavily underutilised at times when it didn't operate its associated task.

So why do I think this is happening? well its simple....COST VISABILITY! Apologies for the CAPS here but I feel any direct metered costs which are applicable instantaneously to any typical public IaaS model or PaaS is driving this optimisation, Early adopters of cloud are starting to realise that they have a driver to save cost with an optimised platform that dosn't need uber amounts of compute resource and is cheaper.

Additionally at a higher strategic level I certainly think cost visability seems to be becoming higher the further you go into the Cloud, the below diagram shows how the Insourced model of IT has very low cost visability (in most organisations) against the transition into Outsourced/Managed Service IT that is billed to the client on monthly time periods all through to Cloud hosted IT components that have instantaneous cost visability to consumers.


So thats my summarised thought, you might think I am being Naive, but I do beleive we maybe starting to see the growth of more cost concious optimised applications for the better of both App and Infrastructure environments rather than the legacy world where they have constantly acted like Oil above Water.


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