Thursday, 5 November 2009

SSD....maybe not as widely adopted

This news feed made me chuckle, its on how STEC shares plummeted this week due to EMC cutting back on an intial order with them for Shiny fast expensive SSD that they make for DMX/Vmax.

EMC are very clever in how they market and promote the success of relevant technologies, in fact the top tier vendors are king at this in the world of Tech and I really respect them for this it goes with the clique of trying to flog a Fridge/refrigerator to an Eskimo as people (not me) will most likely buy them under this presumption.

2009 has certainly been the year the SSD gets marketed and promoted as the killer disk medium for high IO intensive applications. At most events, in most magazines, vendor blogs etc they have pushed them like crazy. However after the STEC news I think it is quite clear that 2010 will be where the hardwork of trying harder to shift very small capacity and very expensive SSD disk will be coming for EMC!


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