Friday, 2 October 2009

Abiquo Abicloud

Came across this little gem today It looks like a very slick open source freely available Private and Public Cloud manager.

The product video shows some screendumps (although the women narrating sounds a bit strange) which is quite cool and has similar features seen in a lot of the cloud managers.

We do seem to have an emergence of these with Players like CohesiveFT and Eucalyptus being the dominant players, I will probably have a look into this and post some reviews/comments on it.



Hi Daniel

Thank you for your post. I'm from abiquo team.

I don't know why you say say that woman narrating sounds strange :P. Is a native person. Maybe we use many sound effects :P.

More over, I sure that in first steps all cloud managers, more or less, share similar features, although I'm sure that in a near future, maybe each tool will be in a different target. For example, with abicloud we want to orientate the platform thinking in to premises: Open architecture with open standards (we are working hard to facilitate the third party integrations and all the abicloud development is based in OVF standard, this will offer the possibility to create cool interesting features in a very near future ;). Finally we are user oriented. For us, all feature must be representend in the User Interface, If it's difficult to manage, it isn't a good abicloud feature. For us the usability is very important and we want to improved in order to help daily work of cloud sys admin and final cloud users.
If you want to test it or ask whatever you want, feel free to use our openSource community and our contact tools


Hi Xavi,

Arghhh don't take the narrative comments the wrong way, Sounded english to me :) Maybe was my Friday afternoon coffee.

This has some exceptional good stuff on your website and hopefully this is the same follow through wihtin the product, I am going to certainly be installing to find out more!




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