Tuesday, 8 September 2009

VMworld 2009 Aftermath

After attending VMworld last week I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my previous blog posts almost being based what VMware are using as future strategy, things such as the use of vCloud and IO DRS were two in particular, and no I have not had an NDA for many months.

The event was about average compared to previous years, vendors were strive with Marketing in full 5th gear and the word C*oud was being used on I kid you not probably every vendor stand except the beer stands on the welcome party. Amusing as it may sound this was rather frustrating, I am a believer in cloud and the architectural principles that surround it however simply bolting on the word cloud onto your sales pitch simple doesn't cut it with me, if anything it sends me the other way.

Back to the show and on the Tier 1 vendor stands I got to spend some decent time with Dave Graham talking EMC Atmos, checked out Vmax, on the Cisco stand I saw some of the cool UCS kit (and had a laugh selling it to some random guy), spent some time struggling to find out if Layer 2 was only supported with Long Distance Vmotion (don't ask), spent moderate amounts of time asking questions on the VMware stands on new tech, and got plenty of free useless goodies that I will probably never use/wear.

Once i've had time to do some time studying sessions I attended in more detail and look at sessions I wasn't able to attend I will be most certainly writing some core material. Amongst many these will include discussion on Spring source and vCloud direction in further detail. After attending detailed sessions on vCloud I've started to understand in more detail how vCloud will work, I will endeavour to provide some technical learning material, views and opinions on this. Will provide some posts on Storage IO DRS based on what VMware.

Keep posted folks!!!


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