Friday, 29 May 2009

Nexus 1000v

For any vSphere'ers this has been released via Ciscos website its downloadable as a demo for 60 days so go get it...v.easy to setup the relevant components (even I have) but caution RTFM as this is a "real" Network switch running a real IOS.

Nexus is a great step within the world of VMware networking, it means that the network bods now retrieve back some turf in the Virtualised datacenter and will need to start to work together with VMware peeps to design scalable networking solutions capable of delivering great network capability to Virtual Machines. This is most certainly something organisations will need as they become fully converged and virtualised with initiatives such as Cisco UCS. (god i sound brainwashed but hey it rocks)

Adoption of Nexus 1000v within datacenters will be a large hurdle that needs to be jumped, questions need to be raised in pre planning awareness workshops and design sessions, typical topics that may come up are whether the networking bods know about current de facto grass roots capability of Virtual Switches, are they are aware of the trunking and vlanning methodologies on offer. And in reverse I would expect the networking bods to provide technical benefits to the Virtual bods on how Nexus benefits virtualised worlds.

Commercially any large enterprise customers being Cisco based I won't be surprised if we will see a sideways approach to adoption, if networking divisions go and buy the Nexus family of switches that 1000v falls under no doubt 1000v will get pushed as being viable and suitable to the virtualised world that the physical Nexus switches will use.

A few great resources with information that might help education and awareness is available on the following links;

Steve Chambers provides some excellent commentary on typical issues and how to resolve

Ken Cline has a post that he could almost publish as a book! Great resource


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