Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Late VMworld 2009 views

Back into the swing of things after Cannes, I unfortunately picked up a nasty flu from the event, it was going round as most people i spoke to after got the bug.

This years event in my opinion wasn't as good for providing informative roadmaps and general deep dives into new technology, I don't know if this is due to lack of development and end product yet on vSphere, or whether its due to the fact they are now under massive sanction due to stock market limitations but this non committal attitude really damaged there credibility for me. Maybe I've been too spoilt in the past it seems gone are the days of great live demos that have happened in the past like they did with Fault tolerance on keynotes and a move more into how they can sell there vision, even Microsoft don't do that its technology for god sake.

Paul Maritz went over his strategy for VDC-OS and how they want to ensure they are providing the encapsulation and decouplement when deploying virtual infrastructure in internal and external clouds in future, this isn't something unknown, Mendel Rosenbaum has explained about decouplement of the encapsulated VM files for yonks.

I do like however the idea that the VDC-OS is now part of a strategic vision to move VMware away from ESX as the main focal point for virtualisation and moving more into additional management layering and orchestration service driven architecture. Its becoming obvious that the Hypervisor is now commoditized and i think VMware now accepting this more will be better all round.

Some peeps may not like this statement but additionally on the VDC-OS strategy, but i really do think that VMware want ESX or soon to be vSphere to just be the running blackbox appliance in the corner running the virtual datacentre and enabling the decouplement of services, this may mean a move away from the generation of followers who live and breathe ESX and love how it can be tweaked and played with becoming a rarity and not needed because its just not something you can do. 

The transition in strategy with VDC-OS will be more of a move into focusing on how you leverage capability with other new offerings in your infrastructure such as orchestration workflow and how additional tools such as Capacity IQ and Appspeed can be used more effectively across the whole organisation to provide streamlined delivery of service.

Lets hope VMware can deliver what they are proposing as its a mammoth task to expect to perform under the current economic situation, I predict that new developments being rolled into strategy from acquisition by VMware will take 6-12 Months to mature and provide us with what is more than just a development shoehorn into VMware look and feel.


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