Thursday, 8 January 2009

VCP Integrity


As a fellow VCP I felt an opinion on Point 6 on this blogpost was needed... , hey my blog views are down this month so I might get away with slagging it off (although I wont be going that far).

I took my Install & Configure VCP course after doing what I enjoy with new technology, learning the product in my own time and learning how it works at my own pace with a VMTN Subscription (god i remember the first P2V and how amazed I was it worked!). When reviewing the Exam track the first thought on the exam having the prerequisite to attend the course was that it was a rip off but then after that split second I felt like I was about to become part of an Elite band.

The fact is that forcing people to actually go to a training school and attend the course before taking the exam will ensure that a better breed of clued up students attending is created to then ensure technical end design and architecture is defined by what is learnt. For someone like VMware this is of paramount, it can't rely on people learning ESX out of a book and then going into an exam centre to qualify and put it on there CV and then go and start designing Virtual Infrastructure. VMware have VAR program which has the people qualified to do this but guess what there not cheap....not the price of an exam thats for sure and they have minimal amount of resource internally.

Granted you'd be stupid to employ someone with no practical experience to back up a qualification, but hey I'm sure people employ people for other skills on there CV initially and then assign them on the project of Virtualisation later

To me the exam is a bonus to be honest, in the UK I don't think that taking exams after they attend a funded course is enforced as much by countries like the US and India. Although SI's and Consultancies here have to do this here to ensure they are able to keep reseller certification etc.

So to summarise the 2 Grand in the grand scheme of things is a small price to pay for someone to pass and qualify in what is probably an elite group of 30-40 K VCP's worldwide and to obtain some great networking with peers while on the course and quality time from a great instructor who is an elite band of VCI's likely in the single digit thousands as well.


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