Monday, 29 December 2008

The year ahead

While i sit here eating some cadburys heroes and watching umpteen repeats on TV I have been able to ponder in thought and think about the doom and gloom likely to occur in 2009, however overall I feel rather optimistic about the tough year that beckons.

Virtualisation and consolidation of Datacenter environments are two of my main skills, I have lived and breathed Virtualisation since I first looked at Connectix before Microsoft bought them and have experienced the Virtualisation boom in 2006.

With these two main skills under my belt and an general aptitude to save companies money as an architect (unlike some people in the industry) I feel likeI am at least able to offer the industry some value so lets hope 2009 isnt as doom and gloom for me as others. 2009 will certainly be a good year for Virtualisation advocates thats for sure...I hope


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