Sunday, 7 December 2008

VMworld 2008 material

Over the last few weeks I have been fortunate to obtain some VMworld 2008 material and after looking at future roadmaps I am mightily pleased to be part of the VMware bandwagon!

The direction VMware is going now seems to be a focus and drive on the core vendor relationships and building bridges with the ISV's like it is going out of fashion, for an Architect this can mean great things to come and better adoption rates for anyone embarking on new virtualisation projects.

Technical directions

Some of the ESX performance related roadmap looks great for taking them up to the next level and above competitors, Chad Sakac has a great keynote session which details and demos at on the new vStorage API's which utilise on first release in ESX v4.0 EMC Powerpath, ESX definitely needs to move towards changing the current multipathing offering. Another key future feature is the usage of "storage dedupe" which hopefully will provide greater benefits when performing high IO disk operations like Storage VMotion and maybe even better VCB interaction.

VMware FT is something that doesn't look as simple to use and architect as Vmotion/HA, when viewing prerequisites it requires massive amounts of planning for additional supportive CPU and RAM allocation due to the requirement to naturally have a standby VM on another ESX host.

FT will probably become more dominant on adoption one or two releases from ESX 4, it will require a massive change in landscape requirements for any current Virtualisation estates, I will be embarking on a project that will certainly include planning consideration for this future release, however if you need to justify and purchase new ESX hosts, licenses etc for your estate this could be a hurdle. 

The key benefits and cost saving with VM FT from less downtime will however pay for this in itself no doubt, certainly when you look at costs of something like Neverfail or there competitor Everrun.

Will follow up on more reviewed content as and when

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