Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cloud.....OK the last time in 2008 hopefully?

2008 has certainly been the rising of the Cloud, I live in England so Clouds are not that uncommon, maybe the pioneers are from a nice small town in Southern California and find them less of a commodity :)

One of the current concerns and facts of life with using a current cloud service provider (CSP, hey everyone else is making up acronyms now!) is resiliency and uptime, as in how can I make my central data stored in the cloud resiliently and most importantly secure and Integral across different service providers to reduce risk factor. Storagezilla has a great post from his internal team at EMC/RSA on an algorithm called HAIL , .

RSA's paper does have some very simple technical content even I can understand so have a look into this as it could most likely be the shape of architecture that will be used and developed upon (and probably already is in an open source format somewhere/place) for Clouds users either private or publicly.

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