Friday, 31 October 2008

New fruit on the block

Well after a visit to california which just so happened to be the week the new Macbooks were released I could not resist and purchased a new Macbook 13 Inch.

This is my first mac and i've dabbled and played with them in the apple store and pondered on a 13 inch White one for a long time. After finally buying one I am mightily impressed, in the years of computing with various toshiba, sony, dell, hp and many more you really cannot beat it for the quality and pure genius that has been designed.

Running up with Fusion (one of my first installs) and installing some VM's its incredibly quick and has some meaty kit underneath to run VM's with 2GB as standard and a 160GB disk. With nearly 5 Hours of battery life I have massive amounts of time to play to!!!!

Looking at Macs 5 years ago I wouldnt have gone for one in a squillion years, especially with the old OS, with the Unix shell underneath and Intel chipset it seems to have been a massive paradigm shift for Mr Jobs so fair play to him even if he's got most of this months wages :)

Anyways i'll stop showing off and maybe your go out and buy one or even think about trading in your old one!!!!!


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