Sunday, 7 September 2008

SVVP Program

Well, the support statement i've always wanted has arrived. It fills me with great pleasure to read that VMware is now part of the Microsoft SVVP Program ttp:// which means support from microsoft of both the OS and the Microsoft applications that operate ontop of the OS is now present.

Since my early days of implementing and evangelising about virtualisation to application teams for projects such as performing P2V's or deploying new virtual infrastructure to support new applications, Nine times out of Ten I was faced with the reply when stating what I was using that "its not officially supported" or in some cases as with SAP I was forced to use Physical platforms until they released support statements.

However competent I was with internals and ISV's it was only ever 95% fine with them, so as of today after all the pain and effort, arguments, lessons to smaller ISV's (come on who's answered the question about what virtualisation is) THANK YOU VMWARE for biting the bullet.

Long term benefits.... or disadvantages?

Now that VMware has finally bitten the bullet It will most likely mean hosting Windows and MS Apps on a Virtual platform is going to become more and more a commodity within the IT industry, this is in some respects is likely to take the buzz out of pushing the boundaries like i've always done, and it also means VCP's and VMware evangelists will most likely become more and more worthless due to the adoption.

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