Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bedtime reading

Well after what only seems like yesterday when I finished reading
the Original "ESX advanced technical design" for ESX 2.x the new version is here and in my hands today via Amazon.

This is double the thickness and includes additional resource in the shape and form of "Advanced technical operations guide" so is well worth the 30 quid to purchase.

I cannot thank Mike and co enough for the original as it helped when the training program for ESX was not as mature as it is for ESX 3 and it helped scale my original ESX environment.

Do not worry about the detail being out of date with ESX 3.5 now being available as the fundamental roots of the product are still used mainsteam and relevant so do not be put off!

Also if you are rather clued up on Virtualisation then do not hesitate to buy as I always find with virtual resources this good you still learn stuff and also gain standardised knowledge!

Sorry Mike

When reading the original book (Mostly in the bath) in 2005 I didnt have a clue who the authors were, but now after being more aware of the Virtual commmunity, have spoke and been to some of Mike's presentations at VMUG I have found it increasing hard to read the start of the book without having a Nottinghamshire accent as the narrator so hopefully this will go after a few chapters :)

Go get it


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